My name is Anouk Sijben born in a small village called Beringe, in 1993. Growing up and helping at my grandparents' farm, I learned to think in solutions that acquired logical and independent thinking. 

My work is a tribute to the inevitable scientific and physical facts that occur all around us. These fixed facts are the base of our world. Therefore, every phenomenon can be leaded back to this grounded base. Being able to exemplify my surroundings and connecting them to this base, I give insight and transparancy within these concepts.

I find myself disengaging from the confirmation of the known in a playful way by creating new settings, using a scientific approach.  

Exhibitions and Projects

Graduation Expo | The new generation | nominated for Henri√ętte Hustinx award | Maastricht | NL | 2018
Salone del Mobile | Milano | IT | 2018
Museum van Alle Tijden | Seecker instrumenten omme verre te sien | Beugen | NL | 2018
Salone del Mobile | Mafad Exhibition | Milaan | IT | 2016
Notes on Creativity | Ferran Adria Marres | Maastricht | NL | 2016 
De Tafel der Lusten Cor Unum | nominated for best 25 exhibits | Den Bosch | NL | 2015

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