Our world would look completely different if one of the many physical quantities would have different outcomes or wouldn’t even exist. Since the beginning of the world they dominate it and they will continue this process till the end. With this project I want to provide a stage for three physical quantities; air pressure, air humidity and temperature. Not only do they exert a great deal of influence on us and our daily lives they also influence one another.  

My objects are intended to work each on a different quantity without an external power source. Therefore they are reflecting the amount of energy present in the specific room they’re in. Besides that, I also had the goal to let the objects interact with eachother without being in physical touch, similar to how the quantities behave in reality. By putting the essence of the certain physical laws belonging to the physical quantities in a new and unexpected setting, a new meaning is given and a sensible engagement between audience and object is made.

With this project I want to gently change the perspective of the audience without detracting the principles of the fields of science.