When people talk about designing a lamp it is always about choosing the casing and ornaments. Sadly, the lightsource in itself is not even mentioned in the process. Although that is just what a lamp is all about, the light. In this project the source of light is the center of attention. 

When using the same powersource, the intensity of light is determined by the resistance of the conducting material. Therefore, in this lamp, each glass cilinder contains its own wire with a different length and conducting material. That way, by choosing the right cilinder you are able to choose your own degree of illumination.

The cilinders are sorted from left to right, starting with the one that has te lowest resistance. So by choosing the right cilinder you can choose the desired brightness. When placing the cilinder the circuit is closed,
so a switch is not needed.  

 The whole idea of this project is to show people what a lamp is actually all about: the light it produces. Parts that are usually stuffed away are now essential and in plain sight to show the functioning of a lamp.